Money lessons should be simple

I'm Shaun, and welcome!

This is a resource for everyone designed to give practical advice about planning, saving and investing.

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Simple Wealth Playbook was created as a means to build financial literacy. Between work, school and about 20 years of investing experience, I have been blessed to learn a lot about personal finance. I want to share my learnings publicly with others in a very straightforward and simple way. I believe that concepts related to money shouldn’t be complicated, and financial education should be clear enough for everyone to understand.

I believe that people need help with their finances, and more often than not, they are quiet about their situation. I want to provide a forum for sharing information with others, using clean and straightforward language.

I believe in building character, qualities, and an aptitude for long-term financial success. I think that financial knowledge should not be isolated to the “elite,” but rather shared in simple language for everyone. I believe a robust financial plan can lead to financial freedom, less stress, and better overall well-being.
The topics and material I share here will not lead to instant wealth. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve kept it simple and divided the content into three themes: financial education, saving and investing. I like to think of the learning journey sequentially. Without the basics (budgeting and understanding financial terms) it’s difficult to save correctly. Without adequate savings, it’s difficult to set aside enough money to invest. And without investing, the idea of financial independence is difficult. The section you choose to read depends on which part of the financial journey you’re on, but there’s informative content for just about everyone.
My investing journey started at age 10 when I bought my first stock through my grandfather. After teaching me about mutual funds and the concept of “letting your money work for you” by “lending” it to others, he had me thinking in a whole new way! I became a believer in the power of investing. Very quickly I got exposure to a spectrum of financial products and spent a considerable amount of time following the markets and understanding a range of investing philosophies.

Skip ahead several decades, and I currently hold both an Undergraduate Degree and Masters Degree in Business. I’ve learned the ins and outs of finance through my investing experience (sometimes your mistakes teach you the most) and through my career, managing business units in both financial and non-financial industries.

On the personal front, I’m fortunate to have an amazing wife, and live just outside Toronto. On weekends you’ll find me on my motorcycle, being active (preferably outside) or volunteering at my church.

I believe in hard work and personal discipline. I believe character and integrity are more important than achievements and accomplishments. I also believe that great things are built over time, not instantly. I have a big vision for Simple Wealth Playbook – one that starts as a source for online blog content and will hopefully one day evolve into much more. I invite you to be part of our journey.