Picture of title (Learn why Einstein called this the 8th wonder of the world) describing compound interest and a picture of the grand canyon

Learn why Einstein called this the 8th wonder of the world

Albert Einstein was an absolute genius. He described compound interest as “the eighth wonder of the world…He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” Compound interest is the most essential money lesson you’ll ever learn. Period. Read this post to see why it’s so important, and how it impacts your money – in both of good and bad way!

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Why budgeting gives you more freedom, not less

Budgeting. The word makes people cringe. They don’t want to think about it, talk about it, much less learn about it… even if it’s one of the best things to improve your finances! I have to be honest though – if you see budgeting as restrictive, I think you’ve missed the point. You see, budgeting isn’t intended to be a set of hard rules. It’s supposed to be a personal map that leads to more freedom not less.

The gems of the stock market - dividend growth stocks

The gems of the stock market – dividend growth stocks

The stock market can appear quite intimidating. It’s difficult to know where you should be investing your money. One of the best types of investments are dividend growth stocks. They’re great because they reward you as if you’re an owner, provide balanced returns, and enforce a “set it and forget it” type mentality.

Picture of headphones and blog title (how to drown out investment noise)

Don’t be a distracted investor – learn how to drown out investing noise

Information is everywhere. It’s on your laptop, it’s pushed to your inbox, and it’s even sent in real-time through alerts on your smartphone. But is there such a thing as too much? So much so that it becomes noise? For investors, access to information is a double-edged sword. Nothing beats applying a consistent long-term approach to investing. Learn how to stay focused, and drown out investing “noise.”

Picture of a stack of coins and a clock with the blog title (the high cost of waiting to invest why are you waiting)

The high cost of waiting to invest – why are you waiting?

No more excuses! After reading this post you’ll be convinced in the power of investing early (or starting today!) Whether you know it or not, you’re always making financial tradeoffs when you choose to buy something or save your money. Set yourself apart by thinking beyond today and saving/investing regularly.

Picture of a woman with a calculator and blog title (the one thing most people forget when budgeting)

The one thing most people forget when budgeting

Just about every other goal starts with a plan – your finances should be no different. Better saving starts with better budgeting (and budgeting discipline!). The best budgets are simple, realistic and plan annually, not monthly. Most people agree on the first two, however the idea of planning annually is pretty unique. Personally, it’s helped me to increase my savings by almost 25%. Learn how to save more by creating a good budget.

Title of blog post (The best way to invest is to think differently) with a picture of lady thinking

The best way to invest is to think differently

What type of mindset do you take on when you’re investing? I’d argue the best way to invest is by thinking differently, particularly like an entrepreneur. You should make decisions with a long-term mindset and use your expertise to your advantage! You certainly shouldn’t be gambling with your money! Learn how to invest better by changing your mindset and thinking like an owner.