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5 Money Topics You MUST Talk through as a couple

Many of us who are married or living together know that money is an important issue that comes up in relationships. Get started with a strong foundation and be sure to talk through these money topics when you’re married!

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Why a high income doesn’t guarantee financial freedom

A high income does not always mean you’ll be rich. Bigger houses, lavish vacations and expensive toys can all lead to an inflationary lifestyle, setting your further behind financially. Learn how to keep more of your hard-earned money in this post!

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8 habits of successful people (that require zero money or talent)

Want to be more effective at what you do? Regardless of your background, income or privilege, there are things that each one of us can do to become more effective in what we do. Learn more about the habits successful people do that cost nothing and require zero talent.

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5 timeless ways to save money this holiday season

The holidays can be a crazy time! It often feels more about consumerism and “must-dos” and less about enjoying time with family and friends. Through this post learn how to stay more grounded this holiday season.

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Get further ahead and make more money with passive income

What makes some of the wealthiest people in America unique? Well for one, they don’t go all-in on any one idea. Often they create ways to make money from several different sources. The best of its kind is passive income. Learn what passive income is, and why it’s important to create long-term wealth.