Recommended reads

Here is a list of books focused on investing, saving and general lifestyle that I recommend. Stay tuned as these will be updated regularly.

List of books

  • The Wealthy Barber
    (simple saving lessons)

    I read this book for the first time while in high school (a revised copy was issued in 2011).  It’s a good starting point for anyone who wants to build a financial plan and proves that investing does not have to be complicated.  It addresses the concept of “pay yourself first” and teaches about the power of compound interest.

  • The Intelligent Investor
    (classic value investing book)

    This book is a classic “value investing” book and has been embraced by some of the most famous investors (like Warren Buffett).  This book stresses the importance of loss minimization rather than profit maximization, and highlights the differences between long-term investors rather than “speculators.”

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Digital tools

Here are some online tools I’ve used to track my finances, do research, or host this blog.

List of tools

  • Google Finance
    (online research/tracking)

    Simple site for stock research and finding the latest news articles.  Also pretty good at analyzing stock prices and basic fundamentals.

  • Bluehost
    (web service hosting)

    I use this to provider to host my website. So far I’ve been pretty happy with its service and would recommend them if you’re looking at building your own blog.

    (investment calculators)

    Fantastic site that helps me perform detailed financial calculations. A lot of tools for the more savvy investor or math whiz.