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Second Look Sundays – Weekly Blog Roundup (Oct 15)

Second Look Sundays – Oct 17 2017

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A reflection paper to his son, first-hand lessons from the wealthy and a summary of top-money apps – don’t miss these great money related posts!

Welcome to my first post on “Second Look Sundays” – a recap of my favorite money-related posts of the week.  It’s a chance for me to lay-low for a day, and highlight some other fantastic folks! 

Whether new, or just new to me, these posts caught my eye, and I wanted to share them with everyone. 

Check back weekly to see what’s on deck!

Happy Sunday!


By:  Mustard Seed Money

Read Time: 4-5 mins

Summary & Why I like it: Having recently had a 2nd baby (congrats Rob!), this post is an outline of life lessons related to money.  This post also pushes the thinking to be very practical and forces you to be reflective.  I also really like that it touches on other aspects of life that often have tension with money – like your time, your lifestyle and your priorities.

Favorite quotes: 

“While having a lot of money may be nice, real greatness stems from the positive impact you can make as a result of it.” 

“You can make a lot of money and still be poor.  You can make a little bit of money but be rich.”

“It takes a lot of patience and hard work to attain a comfortable lifestyle.  Relax and enjoy the journey there.  That’s half the fun.”


By:  Making Sense of Cents

Read Time: 6-8 mins

Summary & Why I like it: An ex-Financial Analyst, Michelle had the opportunity to work with some very wealthy clients.  Contrary to how the media often portrays ultra-elite, she found that many of them were entirely “normal” – not the flashy type we think of on Instagram.  In her article, Michelle breaks down the qualities of the ultra-rich and gives us advice on how we should think about our finances.  I like this post because it highlights that money concepts don’t have to be difficult.  We often make them complicated.  If we learn the basics and are consistent in our approach, we too can improve our own financial situation.

Favorite quotes: 

“The average millionaire is actually quite smart with their money and quite, surprisingly, simple when it comes to how they live their life.”

“The wealthy and successful are always learning.”


By:  How to Save Money

Read Time: 10-12 mins

Summary & Why I like it: Long-form content is where it’s at!  I really appreciate the time and effort that went into this post.  Stephen took the time to highlight what money-related apps you should be using, and how they can benefit you.  When you look at it, it’s easy to tell that a lot of work went into this.  Also, as a Canadian, I appreciate that he’s included some that are specific to north of the border… which is sometimes hard to do.  For everyone else though, don’t worry, there’s lots of great content there for you as well!

Favorite quotes: 

“There’s so much choice that it’s easy to pass by some great money saving apps and tools without a second look.”

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